Toby Apparel

The Challenge

Our client is an eCommerce company, focusing on clothing and apparel for industrial workers. They are a new business and had recently started selling their first products across Europe on some of the big retail websites such as Amazon. They needed a webpage to showcase their designs, state their values to their customers and increase their presence on the web.

Front page of Toby Apparel

The Process

Toby Apparel already had a relatively detailed idea about what they wanted to have on their webpage. They had most of the text ready, a logo with a distinctive shape and a preferred color palette to match their products. From then on, our designer simply assembled their vision and ideas into a prototype which was approved with minimal revision. One of our developers then implemented and tested the design using Next Js.

Strengths section of Toby Apparel

The Results

Toby now have a new home on the web which emanates their values and principles. While the website is currently simply informative, they have expressed a desire to add online shopping functionality once they manage to increase their production to the required level to support it.

Front page of Toby Apparel
Strengths section of Toby Apparel
Technical characteristics section of Toby Apparel
Contacts section of Toby Apparel
About page of Toby Apparel
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