Smart Manager

The Challenge

Smart Design 2006, is an engineering company working in the maritime and power plant industries. They contacted us needing a custom time management system to fulfill their specific operational needs. What they had in mind was a tool with which their managers could easily view task progress and control individual employee workload, while for the engineering team, the tool had to provide information about current assignments. While our client had used similar apps which are available on the market, they had decided on building a custom solution with a view to further integration with additional tools in the future, for an experience more fine-tuned with the requirements of projects in their area of expertise.

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The Process

We started by analyzing several available products with similar functionality together with a representative from our client. We gradually settled on several features which were considered essential and would make up the minimum viable product. Key components included a Table-style view of tasks, personalized task list for staff and notifications upon job assignment.

After our designer had settled on a concept with the client, we assigned two of our developers to work on the MVP. Since the initial product was built, another two developers joined the team and we added several additional features following feedback. Examples include a Kanban style view and per-task file attachments.

We created the entire solution internally, starting from the design, prototyping and agreeing on final structure, going through the development of the app architecture and its implementation. We used React + Node js, while testing was done using React Testing Library, Jest and Cypress.

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The Results

We successfully fulfilled all the requirements set by Smart Design and the tool is now being used daily by their employees on new projects. Since then, we have also developed a chat app to complement the time-management app and are in the process of adding a task reporting service for them, with the MVP for this product already completed.

SmartManager home page
SmartManager welcome page
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