Smart Chat

The Challenge

Our client, Smart Design 2006, is an engineering company in the maritime and power plant industries. In our work together, we had previously developed for them a time management system, and with this project we added a chat service which was integrated with the management app.

The chat had to be business-oriented, with the ability to divide a group into channels for different departments, tasks and any other level of internal segmentation. Most importantly, our client required a solution which could be hosted on their own private server.

Homepage of the SmartChat application

The Process

Sitting down with our clients, we established the key features which were to make up the minimum viable product. We constructed a user flow diagram which was approved. Our designer then gave the schematics life with a design, later revised until the client was completely satisfied. In the end we settled for a clear and functional design, in tune with the engineering nature of our client.

The technologies used were React Js + Node Js. The app was developed by two of our developers and one testing engineer in three months.

Options menu in the SmartChat application

The Results

The end result was an intuitive, business-oriented chat app, integrated with our client's time management service, which was also developed by Branerie. Smart Design are now making use of the app with all of the history stored on their own server, giving them security about their own data.

Private chat in the SmartChat application
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