The Challenge

DIMP, our client, is a company that delves in a variety of fields. More specifically, our work with them involved their operations in the Hospitality sector. They maintain and offer for rent several apartments in Bulgaria. While they had an existing website, as they have been in the business for a long time now, they felt it was now outdated and wanted a brand new solution with a modern look.

Front page of "Kashtata s cheshmata"

The Process

Our initial discussion revolved around their existing design - what DIMP wanted to keep and what absolutely had to change. We established the core functionality which the new website had to keep and, after suggestions by our team, added a couple of tweaks to improve the experience of users, but also the usefulness for DIMP. For example, we convinced them to add an admin panel to allow their staff to easily update the information on the website. Another feature we added was a more complete booking form, which allows DIMP to gather maximum information about their potential customers' intentions and preferences beforehand, decreasing the average time before a deal is concluded.

Apartments list page of "Kashtata s cheshmata"

The Results

Our client now has a modern website, in tune with current standards. They can update content and pricing at any time and have seen an increased involvement, with traffic up by more than 30% since the new website was launched.

Front page of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
Apartments list page of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
Apartment details page of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
Reviews section of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
Services section of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
Terms and conditions section of "Kashtata s cheshmata"
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