Find You Store

The Challenge

"Find You" was an in-house project where the task was to build a full eCommerce website with all the typical functionality, built from scratch without the use of any of the standard platforms in this space such as Shopify, Wix and Magento. Our aim was to show how such a website can look and feel, and that it can work just as well as the more established solutions, with the added bonus of providing much more flexibility in the design, user experience and functionality.

Home page of FindYou template

The Process

Part of our team played the role of a mock customer, while another part had the task of implementation. Our "client" turned out to be quite demanding and specific in their design requirements and insistent on certain functional details. Nevertheless, they seemed to form a good connection with our development team and communication went smoothly. We had one designer and two developers using Node Js + React Js work on the application and it was complete in five weeks.

Products for women page on FindYou template

The Results

We now have a practically complete online retail website to serve as a template for clients looking for a more unique design and feel compared to using large eCommerce platforms for development. The site is full with shopping cart functionality, product favorites page, purchase history and a panel giving admins the ability to update product images, stock amounts and more.

Home page of FindYou template
Products for women page on FindYou template
Shopping cart on FindYou template
Purchase history on FindYou template
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